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      There are so many factors that determine what the photographs from your wedding will look like. Here are a few narrowed down essentials to benefit you to have magazine-worthy wedding photos.



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      Start off by finding a style that you gravitate to. Take the time to research photographers that fit within that style. This is the one vendor who will have the biggest impact on your wedding day. No matter how stunning or how much thought was put into every little detail, just remembers those details will not last past the wedding day. It is the photographer’s images that you will share with your children and grandchildren. Invest in a photographer who will capture the day beautifully.


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      Choose a venue that sets the scene for you. It’s easier and cheaper on your end then having to create a new look from scratch. Work with the color pallet. These are the colors that will be surrounding you. A banquet hall is always going to look like a banquet hall no matter how talented your photographer is. Create a wedding that looks and feels like you. If you love a certain image and are using that for your inspiration, ask yourself why you love it and then recreate those feelings instead of obsessing over how to recreate a particular moment.



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      Flowers on the wedding day can be expensive and are considered to be a luxury item. I have been to a very simple wedding that looked amazing and magazine worthy based on the bride’s bouquet. Now, this does not mean to spend most of your budget on your floral arrangements for your centerpieces and bouquets, but to make your bouquet the center point and collaborate everything else around it. You can have an assortment of greenery and florals in your bouquet but only pick a few of your favorite elements to incorporate the rest of your floral designs that way your bouquet is a knockout and your centerpieces and bridesmaids compliment it.


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      I never realized how much of a difference a tailored suit can make. The first time I attended a wedding where the groom was wearing a properly tailored suit, I stared at him for about twenty minutes in shock about how big of a difference it made. It may seem crazy to spend a large amount of your budget on a suit for your husband, or your dream gown that you are only going to wear once — but you are going to be photographed more than anyone or anything on your wedding day. Ensuring that you take the extra steps to have him fitted properly and that you aren’t just settling for a gown is going to make one of the biggest impacts on how your wedding will look.




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      Some of the most stunning wedding gowns I have photographed were purchased incredibly inexpensively from online retailers like BHLDN (or even during sample sales!) If you feel like you aren’t comfortable with purchasing online and don’t think you can afford that stunning dress in the boutique window, consider moving around your budget from other items that will not be photographed as much. There are several options to rent your gown for a lot less than purchasing one.