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      If there’s any part of your wedding, be its overall style, feel, colors, floral, venue, etc. that you’d like help and guidance on, we’ll be there.


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      Photographers / Stylists / Designers / Planners

      If there’s any part of your wedding, be its overall style, feel, colors, floral, venue, etc. that you’d like help and guidance on, we’ll be there.

      Lake Charles wedding planner

      what it means to be a Lake Charles wedding planner

      Before you take any steps into submitting as a Lake Charles wedding planner, you should start with a little research. Every single blog and magazine has their own style and types of work they feature. You will have a better chance of having work featured and in front of your ideal client if you find a few places that match the style you photograph and the aesthetic you would like to portray. It’s always a good idea to have a list of 3-6 blogs and magazines that you want to constantly be submitting to.

      Details to remember as a Lake Charles Wedding Planner

      Following this small list of places will also help inspire you as a creative, something we all need. Instead of trying to browse through hundreds of publications and images, most of which might not even be close to the type of work you want to create, you can just concentrate on checking up on features from those select few from your list. If you picked places that feature work that fits what you shoot, then you will see work that inspires and pushes you to grow.

      How to style for publication

      Now obviously this will vary from publication to publication, and I want you to keep in mind what we went over about doing your research before you submit a shoot. The information I am about to go over below is a great rule of thumb to go by when shooting. Then later as a Lake Charles wedding planner, when you are putting your submission together you can tweak it depending on what publication you have decided to submit the shoot to. I also strongly feel that compiling these into a shoot list will not only give you the diversity and depth that publications are looking for, but they will also help you create a stronger gallery for your clients.

      Again, everything I teach is about ways to make your session a stronger candidate for publication.

      These are not all things that will make or break your submission. The first thing you want to establish is what type of shoot you are shooting. 90% of all shoots, especially if you consider yourself a fine art Lake Charles wedding planner and photographer, can be broken down into one of these two groups: “Styled” or “Portrait.”


      Styled vs Portrait

      The “Styled” category will consist of editorial bridal or wedding shoots, real bridal shoots with real Lake Charles wedding planner, real wedding shoots, and larger styled shoots. All other portrait and lifestyle shoots fall into the “Portrait” category. This includes high school seniors, newborns, engagements, boudoir, family, etc. Basically, if your shoot has large vignettes or more than two vignettes or are styled and set up specifically for that shoot or event, than it will fall under the “Styled” category. If you are shooting a family, senior, child, or any other shoots where vignettes are not set up, than this would be a “Portrait” shoot. Now that we have our shoots defined, let’s break your images down into categories. Each and every shoot, whether it is a “Portrait” or “Styled” shoot, will have their images broken down into these two main categories: “Portrait Images” or “Detail Images.” and Lake Charles wedding planner.


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      Please also see our educational film site, belle lumiere, and workshop page.

      Our Lake Charles photographer Vendors



      An amazing look doesn’t mean you have to have a lot of “stuff”. Most of the time less is more.

      People-centered weddings is our motto and this is where we shine. Let us show you how to keep everything simple & clean so you can focus on what really matters.

      lc la wedding photographer

      HAIR & MORE

      Wedding hairstyles are very different from day to day styles.

      Unless you’re familiar with them you may just end up guessing on what looks good on you.

      We’ll work with your hair and makeup artists to find the style that makes you look your best.



      Colors need to have harmony. Try to think big picture when you choose your colors. Don’t fight to make a color work in a venue that it can’t.

      From venue, to your dress, his tux and many other factors, colors should all work together. Let us help you bring the theme to life.

      lc la wedding photographer


      Wedding day timeline is one of the most important pieces of your day! It’s the one thing that can be the difference from chaos to easy like Sunday morning.

      Very few of our brides know what the timeline of a wedding day should be, and thats ok, you shouldn’t need to. Don’t drive yourself crazy, let us help.

      Day of coordination is just another service we provide free of charge to ensure your wedding day is stress-free and smooth.