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      The beauty of film

      Film is more than just another medium. As Lake Charles film photographer it inspires a way of thinking, a way of creating and interacting. My love of this format started with the beautiful tones, visible grain, and soft movement, but quickly developed into something more. I found myself lost in the beauty of the process; from the firing of the noisy shutter to the conversations that occurred with clients about photography to the intimate moments. Film photography completely stole my heart. Ultimately, film required me to slow down, observe, connect, and redefine my vision. After spending years as a Lake Charles film photographer, unsatisfied with my digital images, I found that film pulled more emotion and vision out of me as an artist. Instead of hiding behind my camera and firing off endless shots, I was immersed in each moment. Being truly connected and invested in the process yields images full of emotion that withstand the test of time.

      Stories of a Lake Charles Film Photographer

      Film is a beautiful medium. It’s unique in the way it captures a photog-rapher’s vision. From the light, to the shadows, film pushes you to learn your craft—it doesn’t allow for mistakes. It teaches you patience. Film is not perfect, and it’s not meant to be. The grain. The bokeh. The softness. Together, it creates a perfectly, imperfect medium to create art. Your art. Lake Charles Film Photographer art.

      The lost art of photography

      After teaching and hosting over three years of film workshops I have heard the questions new film photographers were asking and what knowledge they wanted to soak up. And after each workshop I wanted to answer those questions for them more and more. I love teaching, and I truly believe the best way to learn is in person and hands on but I know not everyone can make workshops due to time and locations. So I want-ed to create a guide/workshop that could go to them. A resource from a Lake Charles Film Photographer that was always available and just an arms reach away. A resource that could be made personal with notes and use, because each film journey is as unique as the artist themselves. A resource that started with the very basics and went over all the little things that eventually become second nature to you.

      This guide was not only created to celebrate the beauty only film

      Only Lake Charles Film Photographer can create and the artist only film can make you. It was purposefully created to be a valuable learning tool for those who crave to soak up all the knowledge of film. I truly believe we have the best industry in the world between all the film creatives, business owners, and artists. We help each other, share knowledge, support, and excel together. It truly is a beautiful thing to witness and be a part of and I feel truly blessed to be able to release this guide into the community.


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      A MEMORY?

      Have you ever seen a photographer's work that is so beautiful, it has an otherworldly quality to it? Something you can’t describe in words, as if it’s a memory you could step into, like you were there?

      There is an unmistaken beauty of film. As you look through Pinterest and wedding blogs you will notice this. You may not know why you’re drawn to some photos more than others. This is the answer, they're shot in film.View Our Portfolio





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      We get asked a lot, why film? The question should really be, why not film? At first you may not think there’s any benefits to film over digital. There’s several obvious negatives for film, like no instant feedback of what the photos look like, limited number of shots (only 16 a roll), and it’s very expensive to shoot. But honestly, those are some of the biggest positives for film.

      It forces us to slow down,
      to anticipate the perfect moment. To change your mindset from taking 1000 pictures and assuming 50 will be good, to taking 64 and knowing 50 are beautiful.



      When we’re behind the camera, anticipating the right moment, holding our breath to steady our hands, we get so drawn into the moment it’s almost as we’re living it out with you.

      That’s why it looks like a memory,
      because it is.

      It is art.


      Digital still has a place in our workflow though. Film unfortunately, can’t be used everywhere. Low light conditions like night time or dark receptions aren’t a good match for film. During those times we still use digital, and yes, they are beautiful too. Our goal is to get you the best photos we can, and our job is to know how.