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      Emily and Euric Fuselier are Lake Charles Photographer beyond ecstatic to currently be in the works to bring a full educational camera and film guide to the community.  This guide will not only go over the basic information of different cameras and film stocks, but also reviews and links to see plenty of work from that system in different lighting situations.

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      If you are photographing a session where there are more than two subjects, then you want to make sure you capture some interaction between them. Like the movement shots, these types of images can add so much life to your submission and help create a wider range of portrait options for you to include.

      For example

      If you were shooting an engagement session you would want to capture shots of the two love birds holding hands, kissing, looking into each other’s eyes, lov-ing on each other, or quietly enjoying a peaceful moment. We are Lake Charles Photographer only photographers like with human emotions, the interactions between two people can be endless. The same goes for a newborn session or a family session.

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      I know this is a lot to take in and hopefully after reading all this you can see how much variation is possible in a single session, even if it’s a simple portrait shoot. I really want to push each and every one of you to take what you have learned above and slowly start to implement it into your shooting habits. Again, it will not only make your submissions stronger to publications, but it will also make your galleries stronger for your clients. If you are like me and get stuck sometimes during shoots, it helps to move away from that 3/4th body shot and on to another portrait image.

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      Please check out our other site info here, home, Loom, pricing, styling, and why we shoot film.

      Please also see our educational film site, belle lumiere, and workshop page.

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      Emily and Euric are wedding, portrait, and editorial film photographers with a love for medium format cameras, natural light, and incredible scenery. Using an approach that combines documentary and fine art styles, they capture beautiful, honest, and timeless images.


      Based in Lake Charles, LA and operate out Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Houston & Beaumont.

      Also, constantly traveling worldwide.

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      Our work is based on people and finding the connection between each other. No props, just you. I believe in making the small moments that normally get passed over into the focal point of our shoots. There is something beautiful when you get to see love in a photograph.

      I first started my journey in college learning on black and white film. Once we had our first little one I soon began to realize how important it is to preserve our memories, and that is what I strive to do for everyone.


      I believe while a photographer’s photos are an important part of selecting them to document a wedding, the relationship with that photographer is equally – if not more – important than their portfolio.

      Being chosen to document a wedding is being invited into the inner circle of someone’s life. Creating transparent photographs relies on having a trust with those around me.

      I aim to create an environment where everyone is comfortable & less aware of being photographed – giving way to moments that are real & authentic.


      HOW WE



      HOW WE



      Did You Know


      So, if Emily is booked Euric may be available!

      Emily takes 15 weddings a year & Euric takes 10.

      When we started we shot every wedding together, it was fun and we loved it! But, starting in 2014 we were shooting enough weddings that it made sense for us to book and shoot separate weddings.

      We always book Emily first for any date. After she is booked, any other inquiries for that day will have the option to book Euric.


      We tell all our brides the same thing, the truth. If you love the work you've seen on our site and social media, then you already love Euric's work just as much as Emily's. 


      Half the images you've seen are Euric's, and the other half of course, Emily's.

      See more of Euric's weddings and sessions.
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      lake charles photographer
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      We didn't interview anyone else. We wanted photographers that could capture the natural beauty of the scenery around us, while not losing focus on our love & personalities. We were given just that! Emily and Euric Fuselier made us feel completely comfortable. During the shoot, we joked together, laughed together, and built a wonderful relationship. They're memories we'll never forget.
      -Jordan and Corey Nelson


      Emily and Euric are amazing! I used them for my wedding in Oct. 2017. Emily was always available for advice on color schemes, bouquets, and bridesmaids dresses and all. She was not overly opinionated but was not afraid to give an honest one. when asked about it. I’m so pleased with how all my photographs turned out the quality is amazing and they use both digital and FILM which makes a difference!!! If you’re thinking of using them I say go for it!
      -Leslie Feucht


      I never imagined that photos could catch the spirit of a family. But Emily Fuselier did just that!! I don’t know how because with 4 kids it had to be a challenge. And when the session was over I wondered how she had gotten any good photos. Then Emily sent the link & when I opened it the photographs took my breath away. They were breathtakingly beautiful!!! The lighting, the moments she captured and the story our pictures told will be treasured memories that will last a lifetime!! Brava Emily Fuselier!! I would recommend her a thousand times over!!
      -Joh Ieyoub