Portrait Photographer

      Portrait Details

      This would be any type of image where you cannot see the eyes of the subject or the image is focused on a detail or prop. Examples of this type of shot would be an up-close capture of a subject’s earrings, an image of a bride holding her bouquet, a shot of a girl laying on her fiancé (cropped from the lips down). Again, any shot where portrait photographer eyes are seen or the focus is on a detail falls under this subcategory.

      Far away Portraits

      This is any type of shot where your subject is in less than or around 1/3 of the image. I don’t consider this a full body shot because your image isn’t 100% focused on your subject, but rather on your subject in their environment. These shots are great to pair with any detail image or any 3/4th or headshot image. This is probably the #1 type of portrait photographer shot I see missing most from submissions, but some of the curator’s favorites. If you are shooting in an area that allows for these types of shots, I highly encourage you to capture them.

      Full Body Portrait photographer

      This is any image where the subject can be seen from head to toe in the image and your subject is still the main focus of the image, portrait photographer. If any part of the body is cut off than it is not a true full body shot. In most cases, but not all, it is not flattering to cut your subject off anywhere below a 3/4th body shot and a full body.


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