Wedding photographer

      Lake Charles and SWLA wedding photographer. This is the type of detail shot that can and should be captured during every single shoot, except those shot inside a plain studio. For most shoot though we will be shooting on-location so there should be no excuses for missing these shots. There are two types of detail shots that should be captured of your location: a far away image, if applicable.

      What it takes to be a great wedding photographer

      One that shows us the whole location and backdrop for the story you are telling. And up-close shots of the surroundings. These can include, but are not limited to, rocks, leaves, flowers, man-made features (fences, signs, benches, buildings), etc. If you are shooting inside wedding photographer, these can include decor in your client’s home or rooms you are shooting in, toys in a nursery, cooking supplies in a kitchen, etc. I have never seen an on-location session shot at a place that didn’t allow you to capture a few detail shots of the surrounding area. Think about your session in terms of telling a story again. Part of that story is the surroundings.

      Wedding florals as wedding photographer

      For those of you who don’t know, a vignette is a styled set up of a part of a shoot that was not naturally there, meaning it was man-made. I say this because it is becoming more common for little floral pieces to be styled together and shot, and I want everyone to know that would fall under a vignette detail shot, not a location detail shot. Location shots are generally not man-made (save for man-made landmarks) and are images of things that were there before your shoot. The most com-mon types of vignettes are tablescapes, paper suites, alters, etc.

      Ring shots

      Other jewelry shots fall under the wardrobe category and do not have to be tackled the same way as these since they are smaller set ups. When tackling wedding photographer a vignette, I like to teach a few rules to follow to make sure you know you captured what you need and to make sure your images are consistent and flow together.


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